Effective Frontline Team Leadership 

Congratulations! You are an enthusiastic team leader! You got promoted and you earned it! You have always been a top performer, worked hard, and you know the tricks of your trade... what could go wrong? 

Hopefully nothing. The team you lead is performing, output is on time, on budget and you all generate exactly the targeted results, right? If yes, stop here. In case it is not exactly that way.... continue reading and take action. NOW!

The challenge for team leaders has never been greater! In today’s business environment of rapid change and increasing uncertainty, only leaders who know who they are and where they are going will succeed. For team leaders managing change is not sufficient. they must initiate, direct and thrive on it in an agile fashion!

  • What makes leading a team often so stressful?
  • How can I get people to do what they are supposed to do?
  • What are real reasons that targets are rarely met?
  • What is wrong with the process?
  • What other tools would make a difference in getting improved results?

Are these Questions you may have asked yourself? maybe more than once…

...then REGISTER NOW for this life changing, high intensity leadership development boot camp and you will never look back!

Added bonus for early registration:

TWO 1:1 coaching calls with executive coach Manfred Gollent following the completion of the program!

Leading your team to success!

Leading your team to success!

What will you gain?

  • Taking real Control of Your Future
  • Enhanced Leadership Toolbox
  • Increased Output
  • More Personal Time and Freedom
  • A Clear, Focused Direction
  • Enhanced Leadership Ability
  • Results-Oriented Attitudes
  • Developing Your Team
  • Creating a Vision for Personal Direction and Decision Making
  • Living Your Purpose with Joy


Leadership is creating results through people.

Our Leadership Development process is a structured, open-ended pragmatic approach to leadership growth.  The process is designed to help you develop the attitudes, skills, and qualities necessary for personal and organizational leadership. Most importantly, it will initiate the right behavior enhancements to generate results!

Three Essential Elements

Attitude Development: 85% of creating the result you desire comes from your attitude! In order to create an environment of positive attitudes and possibility thinking, it is important for you as a leader to understand where and how attitudes are formed and how those attitudes can be developed and adapted to foster your success.

Interpersonal Skills: All of what a leader is involved in and therefore accomplishes involves other people. Remember: Leadership is creating results THROUGH people! To be effective in this continuous challenge it is important to learn, understand, and use interpersonal skills effectively.

Reliable Goal Achievement: Leadership, among other things, is the process of providing organizational direction and accomplishing necessary objectives. Our goal achievement model provides the tools and process necessary to accomplish goals more often, in order to maximize results and outcomes.

Leading is creating results through people!

Leading is creating results through people!

Project leadership is the catalyst for success

Project leadership is the catalyst for success

Critical Issues Covered Within our Process

  1. Leadership is based on Self-leadership
  2. Authority and Power, two different concepts of equal importance
  3. Types of Formal Leadership
  4. Directing Change for Success
  5. Behavior, Conditioning and Habits
  6. The Value of Mistakes
  7. Criteria for Effective Goal Setting and Goal Achievement
  8. Obstacles to Your Success
  9. Overcoming Obstacles to Change
  10. Decision Making and the Courage to act
  11. Planning with a Purpose
  12. Delegation and Management
  13. Communication and Human Relations
  14. Motivation and the Power of Enrollment
  15. Creative Problem Solving in a Team Environment
  16. Collaboration for desired Outcomes

A Unique Group Coaching Experience!

This highly interactive group coaching workshop will help you to expand your leadership toolbox to manage the business and improve your effectiveness in managing your projects across departmental boundaries.

Group size: 

This interactive program is limited to 16 participants


6 consecutive workshop sessions of 4 hours every other week


Large Conference Room

Tech After Five HQ
200 East Camperdown Way
Greenville, SC 29601


  1. 09/28/2017  @  9am - 11pm  Kick-Off workshop 
  2. 10/12/2017  @  8am - 12pm  First workshop
  3. 10/26/2017  @  8am - 12pm  Second workshop
  4. 11/09/2017  @  8am - 12pm  Third workshop
  5. 11/30/2017  @  8am - 12pm  Fourth workshop
  6. 12/14/2017  @  8am - 12pm  Last workshop

Your investment: 

  • Early Registration: $1,995 per participant for the first 10 participants or before September 14th  2017, whichever comes first.
  • $2,395.- per participant for registration after September 14th.
  • Registration is on a "first come, first serve" basis and closes September 21st, 2017. Major Credit Cards are accepted.
  • All relevant work and reading materials, assessment instruments and 6 workshops included


TWO 1:1 laser coaching calls with leadership coach Manfred Gollent following the completion of the program! 

Register NOW for this life changing, high intensity leadership development boot camp and you will never look back!

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The event is hosted by QLI International, a professional coaching and leadership consultancy firm located in Greenville, SC and your workshop facilitator is Executive Business Coach Manfred Gollent 

Please, do not hesitate to contact us at workshops@qli-international.com or call (864)245-2324 should you have any questions