Work Your Leadership Core

Develop your leadership Toolbox!

Would you like to…

  • build and develop a high-performance team
  • manage the daily routines for strong results
  • enhance your inter-personal skills and collaboration
  • set purposeful priorities
  • utilize your time effectively
  • handle difficult situations successfully with grace
  • create high-impact customer experiences
  • delegate efficiently
  • lead meetings for tangible outcomes

It is possible and you can do it!

Connect with us and we can help you get there, it is all about leadership… and remember...

Leadership is creating results THROUGH people!

Effective leaders are life-long learners and continuously work on expanding, enhancing and perfecting their leadership toolbox. Applied leadership is rarely taught in schools. Yet, it is an acquired skill set.

Get started with the basic tools to build leadership core strength, your leadership "6-pack"!

We are now offering a fundamental set of leadership tools every leader on any level of the organizational hierarchy needs to possess:

 You can do it!

You can do it!

Join our leadership fitness program and work on your leadership toolbox!

1. Leadership Clarity: Establishing Your Leadership Approach

Creating a comprehensive understanding of your role as a leader, embracing change as a leader, desired talents of a leader, the manager as a leader, identifying the difference between manager and leader, the commitment to the organization, typical leadership concepts, the impact of authority and power, effective leaders create strong followers.

2. The SMART Tool for Real Results

Creating sustainable results consistently is the foremost reason leaders are hired and groomed. “SMART” goal setting, combined with a practical planning tool and a fail-safe process to achieve the goals and create meaningful results – all the time!

3. Time keeps on ticking: Put Energy into your Priorities!

Effective time strategies and priority management by establishing a base line for your current time allocation, understanding and managing priorities, creating a powerful structure for time utilization, communicating priorities and learning to say "no" effectively, implementing daily habits to support time strategies

4. Leadership communication: Be Heard! Communicate for Groundswell

Defining Communication, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) effect in communicating, the 3 elements of communication, the finesse of verbal and non-verbal communication, the art of active listening, the power of questions

5. Creating and Managing High Performance

Establishing the environment for performance, ways to develop your people to new levels, sustaining performance into a culture, providing the right feedback, concepts of motivation, ways of performance reinforcement

6. Growing your Talent: Smart Employee Evaluation for Measurable Results

Highly effective ways to evaluate your people, establishing meaningful standards, integrating people development through positive corrective action cycles, implementing pro-active discipline, creating the right environment for the evaluation, making the “tough talk” productive and avoiding defensiveness.

 A strong core is the best foundation!

A strong core is the best foundation!

The leadership six-pack represents the crucial core strength within the function of leadership: Creating results THROUGH people!

How does it work?

Tools can be acquired one at the time, no long-term commitment necessary. We recommend choosing the leadership tools in the listed sequence, however, this is not mandatory.

Each leadership tool includes two 1-on-1 coaching workshops with the coach and all relevant work materials.

During 2017 we offer this program on a special introductory price of $499.- for each leadership tool!

ADDED BONUS for buying all six tools together:

TWO additional 1:1 coaching sessions

with executive business coach Manfred Gollent following the completion of the program!

Reserve your space NOW and you will never look back!

For a “full-body” leadership workout we offer our leadership boot camps in a group coaching environment or a fully customized  6-months 1-on-1 leadership development process.

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